Vladimir Putin’s Middle East Program: A Danger Unchecked by the EJC

Vladimir Putin’s Middle East policy has generally been quite clear. Create favorable trade relationships with powerful Arab states, undermine Israel while claiming support for the Jewish people. We’ve seen this pattern consistently, especially over the past few years of Iran’s nuclear proliferation program. We’ve seen him meet , more than once, with Hamas and Hizbollah- known terrorist organizations. (source: Jerusalem Post)

So I’m putting out a question to you all: what are the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC) and the European Jewish Congress (EJC) doing about this? As diplomatic groups primarily concerned with politics and the health of Israel and the Jewish people, what are they doing?



Photo via The Prophetic Scroll

Well, nothing much. General condemnation of anti-Semitism in Europe. A meeting with Putin a couple years back that had little coverage and zero results. Putin’s support and trade policies with key Arab states and leader is a significant danger to Israel, so why this lack of serious action?

Strikingly, Moshe Kantor- who was once head of the RJC and is the current head of the EJC- continues to maintain a close relationship with Vladimir Putin. Or maybe it’s not so striking. Kantor is, after all, a Russian oligarch. In the world of Russian politics, an oligarchs primary allegiance is to the state and more so to the head of state.

I can sit here thinking where are our committees, protests, and political pressures? Why is the EJC simply “condemning” anti-Semitism and Russia’s support of Iran? But the fact is, I already know the answer why.



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