The Road to President of the European Jewish Congress: Moshe Kantor Accused of Money Laundering. What happened in 2006?

2006, the year leading up to Moshe Kantor’s first election to presidency of the European Jewish Congress was wrought with actions too coincidental to be meaningless. I’ve mentioned previously the European Jewish Fund he set up in 2006. A fund that was aimed at his prime voter demographic. Now if this wasn’t suspicious enough, what I found next takes the cake.

I came across the shortest of articles while researching the fund. The article, which was from when he was president of the Russian Jewish Congress, made a brief statement saying he was detained at Ben Gurion airport on accusations of international money laundering.   How shocking! How could something as serious as accusing a leader of one of the world’s largest Jewish communities of such a crime not have been mentioned in other articles or newspapers!


via 972 Magazine

The news brief from February 9th, 2006 stated that “The president of the Russian Jewish Congress was detained for questioning in Israel. Vyacheslav “Moshe” Kantor was questioned regarding suspicions of international money laundering on Wednesday when he arrived at Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport.” (Source)

It struck me as extremely bizarre that there were no other articles explaining the detainment. A billionaire philanthropist is detained for questioning about something as serious as money laundering and there are no archives of this besides one short article. I find that very strange.

An accusation of money laundering is hardly surprising when concerning a billionaire oligarch. Such fortunes are precarious due to state involvement. Still, I find the whole affair suspicious: the timing, the situation, but more importantly the lack of press.

Is this the kind of man whose values represent us as a community? Can we trust him as a leader? These are important questions to ask as his job becomes more important in light of rising European anti-Semitic hate.



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