Most Germans think fighting anti-Semitism is unimportant, Moshe Kantor are you listening?

Just when you think the anti-Semitic temperament in Europe can’t get any worse… it does. Anti-Semitic rallies are now tearing up German streets daily.  Throughout the nation chants on the streets are screamed at pedestrians- “Jew, Jew, cowardly pig, come on out and fight on your own.” Chants of “Heil Hitler” have been reported in different areas of Germany.  

Berlin’s police so far are the only ones to have cracked down on anti-Semitic songs, chants and other life-threatening propaganda.  As well as sickening vandalization of Jewish cemeteries. 

 If all this wasn’t bad enough, there was a sudden escalation that brought violent attacks on the Jewish community.  Wuppertal, a town in western Germany, had a barrage of petrol bombs rain down on the entrance of a local synagogue.  

Now THAT was a horrific reminder of kristallnacht, as well as the rest of the anti-Semitic hate crimes that wracked Germany in the early 20th century. 

I’ve found it deeply troubling that the European Jewish Congress and their president Moshe Kantor aren’t doing more to stop all this propaganda and hate. For Moshe Kantor especially, I am questioning his slogan “let my people live” as the cries of “Gas the Jews” fill the streets of Germany- many Jews won’t want to live in Germany any longer. (Source: The American Interest)


Charlotte Knobloch, the President of the Jewish Community in Munich and a Holocaust survivor, said “the old hatred of Jews-it’s here again.”  She says that she is shocked by the German population keeping silent.   

What surprises me most is the inaction from the EJC in Western Europe, especially in Germany. It is their job to shape public opinion and stand up for the Jewish people. Now that the wave of anti-Semitism has struck in Germany, we need to remind ourselves “never again.” 

 The above article where Knobloch is mentioned also hypothesizes that most Germans must believe that combating anti-Semitism is unimportant. Similarly, Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt said the majority would rise up in support of the Jews “if it is necessary,” the key word being “if.” But isn’t it necessary? I ask Moshe Kantor, shouldn’t you step down and resign if you cannot cope or take care of the Jews of Europe? 



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