Where’s the plan? Anti-Semitism in Europe is not being combated!

Why have I heard absolutely nothing of long-term plans to combat anti-Semitism in Europe? No policy, no diplomacy, and no parliamentary action.

Why is the violent display of anti-Semitism seen en mass during summer 2014 being treated as some kind of one-off accident strictly related to current political events- which I might mention have absolutely nothing to do with European Jewry.

It appears to me to be in the same vein of thinking as “because of the Holocaust no one will seriously attack the Jews.” That common misconception completely disregards the history of Jews after WWII, and minimizes the impact of any attack on Jews. Has the world forgotten how after WWII Jews were violently expelled from the Arab states they had lived in for thousands of years? The various bombings and shootings that have targeted ONLY Jews world-wide?

Not only is it unacceptable that Jews are attacked in purported relation to Israeli military engagements, it’s absolutely insane to believe that these attacks are related to anything besides being Jewish.

The future of European Jewry is at continuously increasing risk, and we as a people cannot sit by and watch our communities under attack. I’m exhausted by the incompetence of major Jewish organizations such as the CRIF in France, Board of Deputies in the UK, or Federacion de Comunidades Israelitas de Espana. I can’t even remotely understand why, throughout these constantly escalating attacks, Jewish orgs have done so little to combat anti-Semitism.

These organizations were built to stand as our collective voice, to diplomatically work for our interests. And fighting anti-Semitism has always been one of their foremost commitments. So why have we seen so little action from them in our time of need?

We’re in a difficult situation, and the fight is not over. It has barely even been addressed. I need, we need, a simple question answered: why the significant lack of long-term (and yes, short-term as well) plans to combat anti-Semitism?



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