Our Voice Has Been Heard: Activist Pressure Causes EJC to Address Current Affairs

I’m very pleased to see a general change taking place within the European Jewish Congress (EJC). I get the feeling (or at least I hope) that the group has listened to our criticisms of inaction and, heeding their communities, are slowly shifting their priorities.

What first caught my eye was a small mention in a Times of Israel article. The article detailed a meeting between European and American Jewish groups discussing security practices for their communities in the face of increasing anti-Semitism. The security manager of the EJC, Gabi Jiraskova, was quoted saying “Our role is to make the community understand it is necessary to be prepared, while respecting the different hierarchies in each community…”

This small but meaningful mention explains that to some degree the EJC is operating behind the scenes.

The more perceptible change has been in the “From Our Communities” section on their website, which they have begun to update with regularity. Almost every day they post reports of anti-Semitic incidents that have occurred in various European communities.

For example, today the group posted an article detailing Vladimir Putin’s recent defense of the Nazi-Soviet WWII Pact. This is particularly significant because for the past half a year -at least- the EJC has posted nothing pertaining to Jewish issues in Russia. The post should not be underestimated, it is a clear sign of the EJC cleaning up their act.


photo via eurojewcong

I certainly do not mean to blow these recent actions out of proportion. Though I acknowledge the necessity of the EJC maintaining a public presence and addressing pressing issues, that does not mean that the group is operating anywhere near 100%. Yet at this point, any increase in activity is positive.


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